The party’s structure is complicated. Just remember: Every Democratic organization exists to convert political-bystanders into voters and volunteers on campaigns or candidates for city, state, and federal campaigns. We’ve broken-down the parts that apply to us.


The Democratic National Committee or DNC is a union of Democratic State/Territorial/District parties from across the nation. Representatives from every state and territory form the national level party structure. The DNC coordinates Democratic campaign activities and promotes the Democratic Party. It oversees the platform and bylaw process at the national convention. It also coordinates National campaigns such as the primary/caucus races and the presidential campaign.

The Young Democrats of America or YDA is the official youth-arm of the Democratic Party. The organization’s purpose and structure is similar to the DNC except membership is for Democrats 36 years and younger. The YDA holds national meetings, conventions, and works to organize in every state.

The Wyoming Democratic Party or WDP is our state party.


State Central Committee

The WDP is governed by the State Central Committee, which must meet three times a year including once in April of each off-year (odd-numbered non-election years). Your County Chair, Vice Chair, State Committeeman, and State Committeewoman represent your County Party on the State Central Committee. Your Young Democrats of Wyoming Chair, Vice Chair, State Committeeman, and State Committeewoman are also on the State Central Committee.


State Convention

The Wyoming Democratic Party is governed first by the biennial State Convention, which meets in each election year, traditionally in May. The State Convention adopts the Democratic Platform of the WDP. In presidential years it also elects delegates and alternates to the National Convention and elects Wyoming’s Democratic National Committeeman and National Committeewoman. The State Convention is the only time changes to the WDP Bylaws can be adopted.


State Officers and Executive Committee

In addition to the National Committeeman and National Committeewoman elected at our State Convention, the State Central Committee elects a State Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary. This happens at an organizing meeting of the State Central Committee in April of each off-year. The Executive Committee of the WDP consists of these officers, the National Committeeman, National Committeewoman, representatives of the Democratic Caucus in each house of the State Legislature, and the Chair of the Wyoming Young Democrats.



Our Executive Director leads the WDP staff. One of the primary jobs of the Executive Director and any field staff is to work with County Parties.  


County Parties

A County Party is the smallest unit of organization for a political party – that means they’re as grassroots as it gets. They serve to engage people and act as a conduit between being an involved citizen to a person who actively contributes to local progressive politics.


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The Young Democrats of Wyoming or YDW is the official youth-arm of the WDP. We organize, mobilize, and represent Democrats between the ages of 14 – 35. We’re chartered with the Young Democrats of America which means our Chair, Vice Chair, State Committeewoman and State Committeeman attends national meetings and convention representing our state.

We hold officer elections every old-numbered year in April. In even-numbered years we hold a platform convention in April.

We’re committed to being a vehicle for progressive change. We want to have a presence on every college campus, in every county, and most importantly, at the polls. As Young WyoDems have been defunct for nearly a decade, we have a lot of work to do and a reputation to build. We will work to recruit and train Young WyoDems to run and win municipal public offices (Mayor, City Council, School Board, County Commissioner, etc. )