We encourage that resolutions be submitted as early as possible but resolutions can be submitted the day of Convention.  

General Tips

  • Read up on the 2018 Platform. Become familiar with the document. It will guide our organizing and advocacy for the next 2 years. 

  • Pick a few clear, realistic, and strategic goals. For every resolution you propose, you'll have 5 minutes to present. Prioritize which issues matter most to you and how you can be effective.

  • Strive to be relevant. Any resolution should be based off the values we state in our Platform. Even more so, resolutions are most effective when they relate to a current event in the state or nation. 

  • Resolutions ask or state something. Resolutions can be used to ask something of an organization or person(s). Maybe you'd like the Young WyoDems Executive Committee or Wyoming Democratic Party to do something. Maybe you want us to declare a stance on a recent event impacting Wyoming's young people. 

  • Advocate for your resolution. Thoroughly research your stance and why Young WyoDems should support it. Network with your friends and other folks from another part of the state who are organizing around a similar issue. Leading up to and on the day of Convention, talk with other Young WyoDems on why they should vote to adopt your resolution!

  • Click here to view a Young WyoDem Resolution passed at a Wyoming Democratic Party's state central meeting in 2018. 

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