Party Officer Positions

The Young Democrats of Wyoming mobilize young people between the ages of 14 - 35 to elect Democrats, influence the ideals of the Wyoming Democratic Party, advocate for progressive values, and train the next generation of progressive leaders.

The Young Democrats of Wyoming has been the official youth arm of the Wyoming Democratic Party since its founding.  

The Young Democrats of Wyoming operates as a separate organization from the WDP in order to grow the long-term sustainability of the organization and to have control over our own budget and programming. YDW is a state-registered political action committee and the executive members take on all liability with its financial holdings and actions. In accordance with the WDP bylaws as of 2018 State Convention, the Young Democrats of Wyoming maintains a voting member position on the WDP Executive Committee for our Chair; and in accordance with the YDA bylaws, 3 voting members in the YDA.

in accordance with our CONSTITUTION…

Section 6: Job Descriptions and Duties of each office shall be as follows:

Every Executive Committee member shall raise funds for the sustainability and development for the Young Democrats of Wyoming under the direction of the Chair and Vice Chair.


  • Speaks for the YDW.

  • Provides direction, theme, and message.

  • Establishes yearly goals.

  • Networks and builds relationships with other organizations and individuals.

  • Provides motivation, assistance, and guidance to all members, specifically the Executive Committee.

  • Keeps Executive Committee members accountable in their positional duties.

  • Manages, develops, and works on recruitment strategies.

  • Authorizes YDW expenditures with the Treasurer.

  • Works with the Vice Chair and Treasurer on fundraising efforts.

  • Acts as liaison between the YDW and WDP.

  • Distributes notice of Executive Committee meetings and an agenda for the meeting at least 24 hours before the time of the meeting.

Vice Chair

  • Assists and advises the Chair as needed.

  • Fills role of Chair when they are unavailable.

  • Maintains Charter of YDW with YDA.

  • Assists the Secretary in communication strategy development and implementation.

  • Assists in setting the goals and carrying out action plans of YDW.

  • Coordinates fundraising efforts with the Chair and Treasurer.


  • Keeps records and minutes of all meetings and functions of YDW.

  • Emails meeting minutes to all Executive Committee and General Body members and posts minutes to the YDW website within 48 hours of every meeting.

  • Maintains and keeps current the contact list and database of all YDW members.

  • Manages all emails and correspondence to General Body members.

  • Works with the Vice Chair to:

  • Develop all advertisements for YDW and YDW activities.

  • Design fliers, posters, and YDW literature.

  • Maintain branding scheme while developing t-shirts, buttons, and other promotional goods and advertisements.

  • Develop, maintain, and keep the YDW website current.

  • Develop press releases and other press related activities, including radio, television, print media, and digital/social media content.

  • Distributes all press materials to the media.

  • Maintains a calendar of YDW events.


  • Maintains record of all donations and expenditures.

  • Balances the budget and gives monthly budget reports to Executive Committee.

  • Authorizes YDW expenditures with the Chair.

  • Works with the Chair and Vice Chair on fundraising efforts.

State/National Committeeman & State/National Committeewoman

  • Represents YDW on a national level.

  • Provides the Executive Committee with quarterly updates on YDA.

  • Relays information from YDA to YDW.

  • Reports on the progress of YDW to YDA.

  • Attends the Young Democrats of America national meetings.

  • Gathers ideas from other states and shares them with the Executive Committee.

  • Advocates for the growth of the YDW.

  • Builds coalitions with neighboring states and regions to increase the membership of the YDW and YDA.

  • Must attend 50% of all YDA national meetings unless arrangements are made and agreed upon by the Executive Committee.