General Tips

  • Read up on the 2018 Platform. Become familiar with the document. It will guide our organizing and advocacy for the next 2 years. 

  • Avoid 'listing' a stance on an issue. The 2018 Platform strives to be a value-based and action-oriented document. Rather than propose a simple 'we support' or 'we oppose' statement, focus on what we will do and why. 

  • Pick a few clear, realistic, and strategic goals. For every amendment you propose, you'll have 5 minutes to present on each as we move through the Platform Sections. Prioritize which issues matter most to you and how you can be effective.

  • Advocate for your amendment. Thoroughly research your stance and why Young WyoDems should support it in our Platform. Network with your friends and other folks from another part of the state who are organizing around a similar issue. Leading up to and on the day of Convention, talk with other Young WyoDems on why they should vote to adopt your amendment!

  • Click here to view a SAMPLE Amendment. 

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