2019 Elections

Calling all Wyoming

Democrats 14 - 35 years old!

In accordance with our Constitution, the Young WyoDem Executive Committee are holding officer elections at 10am on Saturday, April 27th at the University of Wyoming Extension Agricultural Learning Center (2011 Fairgrounds Road) in Casper.

The Young Democrats of Wyoming will host the 2019 Young Wyoming Democrats elections at the Wyoming Democratic Party State Reorganization Meeting. Not only is this a great chance to hear from some of the most prominent, influential and progressive voices in the state, it's a wonderful opportunity to connect with other Young WyoDems, gain new skills and ideas through informative training and - most importantly - get fired up and ready to go for the elections in 2020! 

Young WyoDems believe that cooperation is better than conflict, unity is better than division, empowerment is better than resentment, and bridges are better than walls. Join us to form a progressive movement and make a declaration of how we plan to move Wyoming forward.


While you’re making travel plans, keep in mind when the official events begin and end. Stay tuned for information about the weekend’s events, hotel room rates, and supporter housing.

DIGITAL GUIDE (coming soon)

All of the materials you need in one place!

The digital includes the agenda, the Election Rules and Officers, and a Robert's Rules of Order Guide to help you navigate the day. Plan to access this digitally during the weekend.  

the agenda

Advanced planning helps you get the most from your party meeting experience.

View our Agenda to help you better prepare for and utilize the opportunities this weekend will bring. We aim to make Platform Convention an event that strengthens your effectiveness as an organizer and advocate. 

Run for Young WyoDems

Now is the time to run for leadership.

All eligible Young WyoDems must declare their candidacy at least 24 hours prior to the convening of the April 27th elections.

register now

Registration for Young WyoDems is free. 

Registering for the 2019 Elections will give you a credentials pass to vote, participate in all activities, and the opportunity to shape YDW.

Propose an amendment

Do you want to change something about the Constitution? 

All Young WyoDems have the right and duty to build a movement that works for everyone. If you want to change something from a sentence to a section of the Constitution, you can propose an amendment and advocate for it.

Meeting faq

Answers to the most asked questions about the 2019 Elections, YDW, and WDP. 

Whether this convention is your first-time or you're a seasoned Young WyoDem, party politics can be confusing. Learn about what you can expect at the 2019 Election. 

Propose a resolution

Is it time we take a stance on a current event? Maybe we need to ask the Wyoming Democratic Party to perform a task? 

Resolutions are a way for us to affirm a stance or get something done.


We have been told that we are the ones we've been waiting for, but the time is now. The moment is here.

Michael Blake, DNC Vice Chair and Young Democrat