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Chair candidates

 Levi Shinkle

Hi, I’m Levi and I was born and raised in Thermopolis where I still reside.  As a kid I was into those reckless kid things, playing ball in the street, riding my bike without a helmet, eating dirt (that lasted way longer than it should have), staying out past dark, and getting yelled at by my parents.  After graduating from High School, I started working at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center, where I still work, as Collections Manager.  When I’m not working, I can often be found outdoors with my camera in tow, on a softball diamond, or playing with my dog, Ali.  It wasn’t until high school and the invasion of Iraq that I found myself “being political” albeit on the wrong side for a little while.   As the 2016 Presidential election shaped up I decided it was time to really get involved and I was elected as State Committeeman for Hot Springs County.  April of last year I got involved with the Young Democrats of Wyoming by becoming the National Committeeman.    

 Candidate Statement

I’m running for Chair of the Wyoming Young Dems.  In my year as National Committeeman we’ve made great strides in growing our organization and I’d like to continue that work.  If elected one my main goals is going to be outreach and chapter building.  Without a robust, active membership it’ll be harder to knock doors, make phone calls and engage with voters.  I’d like to see chapters in all of Wyoming’s college communities.  In addition to members, we need money.  Fundraising is key as well.  I’d like to see an increase in the number of recurring monthly donors we have, even if it’s $5 a month.  We won’t be able to help Democrats as effectively if we don’t have either of these.  Most importantly I want to work and advocate for Young Dems across the state and make sure that our voice and concerns are heard.


Vice Chair candidates


A community political organizer, I have experience in both statewide and local election campaigns. I have skills in fundraising, strategic planning and social media relations. I am a fundraising volunteer for the Wyoming Democratic Party. I worked for a nonprofit organization and managed and executed a fundraising campaign called Do More 24 which raised over $7,000 within 24 hours. In the past I have volunteered for canvassing and door knocking, along with assisting with data entry into VAN and NGP for the DC Young Democrats.

Candidate Statement

I student at Laramie County Community College studying Government Studies, I believe it is my civic duty to give back to the community. That is why I am running as the Vice Chair of the WYO Young Democrats. If elected, I plan to help with the outreach to increase membership. Expanding chapters around the state at various high schools and college campuses is vital to spread our Democrat presence. We are the future of the WDP. 


Laramie Cummings

Born in Oregon, raised in Colorado and transplanted to Wyoming, Laramie is a 30 year old, wife to one handsome fella and mother to two boys and two dogs. Laramie received her undergrad in International Studies where she focused on European politics, language, culture, history and economics. She has a Masters of Non-profit Management, a professional certificate in Executive Leadership and a professional certificate in Community Organizing. She is currently the Marketing and Compliance Manager for Wyo Central Federal Credit Union and loves being a part of the Wyoming community. Laramie has always been a Democrat and working to help people access their basic human rights. Her love for helping others and creating a voice for the underserved are a priority. After the last presidential election, Laramie cried and then got her butt in gear to make positive change. She became educated in Community Organizing to effectively work towards making a difference with politicians, corporations, and other groups. She also became Board Chair for Wyoming Women Rise to help give a voice, educate and help women run for office. Her passions include, but definitely are not limited to, climate change, civil rights, keeping public lands public, and education. When not keeping up with her boys and dogs, you can find Laramie running the Spinecrackers Book Club and reading, volunteering, skiing, hiking, camping, or doing anything outdoors. She is also a fond lover of traveling to check out breweries. 

Candidate Statement

The 2016 election was a time that a lot of Democrats felt a huge loss. After feeling that loss deeply and becoming more active, I saw a surge in our younger generation standing up to fight for what they truly care about. I was one of those individuals that tapped into becoming more politically active and educated. The Young Wyoming Democrats have helped to increase that action. But I would like to help do more. The last two years there has been more youth and young adults trying to promote more progressive values, hold our congress accountable, and help to educate and elect more Democrats. They have done a tremendous job in growing over the last two years and I look forward to seeing more of what they can do. If elected as Vice-Chair, I would like to help the Young Wyoming Democrats grow, educate and help create a strong network of like-minded individuals. My focus would be three main items that all work to accomplish growth, awareness, and education in Wyoming.

1. The last two years, the Young WyoDems have educated, elected, and progressed in Wyoming. We need to continue to do so. This can be accomplished through marketing and community engagement to get more volunteers and members. By honing in strategically, we can accomplish this. I would also like to push for more high school and college education engagement on campuses through partnerships. 

2. Engagement is another key item to have growth and movement in our party. By offering more education opportunities, networking events, discussions, we can grow the visibility of the party. Getting our younger Dems to speak out at local and state meetings, we can create progressive change. 

3. Lastly, my third agenda item would be to help diversify and increase funding. By working on engagement at a local and state level, hosting events, creating partnerships with other groups and businesses, and effective marketing, this can be accomplished. . 


treasurer candidates

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secretary candidates

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State committeewoman candidates

Shayna Lonoae`a-Alexander

Born and raised in central Oahu, Hawaii, Shayna is a Young Democrat passionate about LGBTQ advocacy, racial and economic justice, youth engagement, and saimin noodles. Since moving to Wyoming, she now understands the frustrations young people have with living in a deep-red state and is committed to nurturing unity and progressive values in her new home. She has previously served as Hawaii Young Democrats Secretary and Community Affairs Chair of Equality Hawaii, Women’s March on Wyoming organizer, and worked for the Wyoming Democratic Party, Hawaii United for Marriage, and the Hawaii State Legislature. She currently resides in Cheyenne with her scraggly dog.


State committeeman candidates

Alexander Simon